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Just a quick message to tell you how much I loved watching Queen Dad. I have been in fits of laughter, but also enthralled by the drama. It’s the best web series I’ve seen and so well made. It should be on TV, but maybe it’s too good for that! Anyway, all the very best and thanks so much for including A Girl Like Me. Absolutely wonderful!

Regards, Simon


Tony Guadagnino

Social Media Director
Hackensack, NJ


QUEEEN DAD is definitely not your average family. It is a contemporary story of a father and son who begin as polar opposites who slowly reach a level of civility.

Sean Moran plays Monty Ellis, a gay plumber who works nights as Flora, a popular drag queen at The Malebox. Matt Parisi plays Jack Ellis, Monty’s teenage son whom he had abandoned before he was born. When they meet for the first time, it has all the ingredients for an explosion, and the story does not disappoint. Why does Jack finally decide to search for his father? Why did Monty desert his son? As the characters get to know each other, their relationship will become less tumultuous. But, will they ever move past their polite conduct towards genuine love?

Blending in the reacquainted family is Betty Hunter, the owner of the bar and Monty’s confidante. Portrayed by Ethel Goldstein, her no-nonsense attitude keeps Jack in-check, reminding him that he entered his father’s world, and it is up to him to accept his father for who he is. Having no family of her own, she begins to look at Jack as her student, teaching him that drag is his father’s job, not his life.

Jon van Luling plays Nick Dinoto, the bouncer at The Malebox. The calmest of all the characters, Nick is the glue who holds everyone together, offering sound advice to everyone who listens. He remains grounded with everyone, yet keeping his own life a mystery, evading and refusing to answer questions that are asked by his “family.”

Henry Collins, one of Monty’s client who begins to explore his bisexual side after his wife’s passing, rounds out the cast. Ben Ash delivers does a fine job showing the emotions of fear and contentment: fear of embarking in a new and unfamiliar relationship; content when he accepts Monty into his personal world, and fear again after receiving some devastating news about his own fate.

What really stands out in QUEEN DAD is how the story of the unconventional family is told through humor. Expect to have some belly laughs of fun while watching the Ellis family. But, there are also some very poignant moments that will tug at your heartstrings. It’s during these touching scenes that they learn some valuable lessons about the other. Jack’s resentment towards his abandoned father slowly fades, and Monty realizes his son is a good man who hides behind a rough exterior.

Will Jack accept his father and stay in Vermont, or will he return to his mom in Texas? Do Monty and Henry have a future, or will a new person and an unexpected outcome separate them? All I can recommend is to stay tuned for Season 2.